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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Uses And Importance OF Form 49a - Guide to Fill and Submit the Form Correctly

Most of the time, we blindly follow the rules and regulations prescribed by the government. One such aspect is with Form 49a i.e. getting a PAN card. When the government passes a notion that it is necessary for individuals to have a PAN card, most of us simply apply for it without knowing about its usage and significance.

PAN which means Permanent Account Number is given by the IT (Income Tax) department. It is compulsory for all individuals who have to file income tax returns. Now if you are going to apply for PAN card through any income tax consultant, then there is nothing to worry about. He or she would provide you with the Form 49a and even the list of the documents that you would need to submit.

However, if you are a person who believes in doing things by yourself then it is another story. Of course, taking the services of a tax consultant is easy as all you have to do is fill the form, pay his or her fees and forget your worries. All the necessary work of submitting the documents, calculating the income returns and taxes will be done by him or her. However, at times doing certain things by yourself can be quite informative and would help you to understand more about why PAN card is required.

Applying For Form 49a or PAN Card

The following are the steps to be followed-

• Downloading and filling the form
The first thing to be done is to go to the official website of the UTI Investor Services Limited or the IT department or the NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited). From these websites, you can download the Form 49a application and fill it.

• Attaching the Photograph
You would need to attach the recent color photo of yours. It should be in stamp size (i.e. 3.5 cm x2.5)

• Additional Information
Sometimes you may need to mention some additional information. Information like the code and designation of the concerned AO (Assessing Officer) of the IT department have to be specified in the Form 49a. This information is quite easy to get and one can get it from the Income Tax PAN service site.

• Documents
There are various documents which have to be included as the proof of residence and identity. As the proof of identity, you must submit any one of the govtt. documents such as voter’s ID, passport, school leaving certificate, driving license, matriculation certificate, credit card information, depository account, matriculation certificate, etc.

Now for the proof of residence, you would need to submit a copy of the documents such as driving license, passport, certificate of address duly signed by gazetted officer or MP or MLA, rent receipt, Employer’s certificate, bank account, property tax assessment order, etc.

• Form Submission
Lastly, once all the documents are submitted and the required information is filled, the application has to be submitted. The IT PAN service authorities or the TIN facilitation centres would check it and you do have the application fee of Rs. 65 at the time of submission. Within the stipulated days, the PAN card would be sent to the address given in the form.


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