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Thursday, 8 October 2015

How to Verify Your PAN CARD Online - Step by Step PAN CARD Verification Process

In today’s era, the PAN or permanent account number has grown of great importance and it plays a great part in various financial transactions. 

The IT (Income Tax) department provides the PAN card to individuals for the aim of identifying and relating various kinds of transactions and information related to an individual’s financial needs.

It is important that if your income is more than the required exemption limit, then you need to apply for the PAN before the so called deadline. 

Basically, any individual whose gross receipts or turnover is more than Rs. 5,00,000 and specified and charitable trusts have to apply for the PAN card before the end of the accounting year. Employers who are filing returns for the fringe benefits will have no time to set and apply the PAN card.

NEED and Importance of a PAN Card

Do you know that for the sale and purchase of immovable properties and assets which are more than Rs. 5,00,000 would need PAN card copy? Yes, the buyers and sellers, both would require furnishing their PAN card details and number at the time of the transaction. The PAN card number and details would be disclosed in the sale document.

The same is even for the purchase and sale of the motor vehicle. For the registration of the motor vehicle one would need the copy of the PAN card. This is not included for those vehicles which run on fixed rails or for special vehicles which are used in factories or other kind of enclosed premises. Even it includes for those vehicles which are less than four wheel and whose engine capacity is not more than 25cc.

Verification of PAN Card

Once the PAN number is enclosed in the financial documents, it is verified. This verification is done using the PAN verification facility. It is easy for any individual to verify the PAN. Such kind of facility is called as  ‘Know Your PAN’ or ‘PAN Verification’. This given facility can be easily accessed from Basically, this facility can be used for verifying the PAN card of PAN holders and non-PAN holders such as company, firm, etc.

For verifying the PAN card, one would need to provide the basic details related to PAN card holder like Date of Birth or Date of Incorporation of PAN holder, middle name, surname, and the first name of the PAN card holder. Once the details are provided in the system, the given verification code has to be entered on the screen. Then you need to submit the request by clicking on the Submit button. Now when the Submit button is clicked, the PAN verification request would be submitted.

Now if the details provided are correct and matches with the online database of the IT (Income Tax) department, then the Permanent Account Number which is linked to the given details would be shown along with the name as well as the jurisdiction of the PAN card holder.  Even the status of the PAN cards i.e. whether it is active or not would also be displayed. So, ahead and check out on how the PAN card is verified.


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