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Saturday, 10 October 2015

How to Get A Duplicate PAN Card - Step by Step Process for Application and Acquiring A lost PAN Card

PAN card is an important document for all kinds of financial and non-financial needs. Nowadays, it is not only necessary for all types of monetary transaction, but even it is considered as a significant identity proof. 

If you lose your PAN card, then there is no need to get tensed or restless, because you can get a duplicate PAN card from the Income Tax department. Basically, the procedure to get a duplicate PAN card is quite simple and easy.

To get a duplicate PAN card, you would need to fill in the correction form and submit it to the TIN facility center located in your locality or any other place. A TIN facility center is an approved PAN processing center of the NSDL and has got branches all over India. 

If you check online, you can get the list of various TIN FC which are located near your place. Even you have the option to fill the correction form in the online NDSL website. 

Acquiring New PAN Card

For acquiring a new PAN card, you need to fill the permanent account number in the form. However, if you don’t have the permanent account number, then you can easily get the number by simply entering either the previous acknowledgement number or you can type the name along with the combination of the date of birth. 

Also along with the form, you need to attach two recent passport size photo along with a fee of Rs. 96. You need to submit the form along the fee to the nearest TIN FC located nearby.

If you are applying online, then you would need to pay the processing fee online. It can be either paid through demand draft or cheque. If you are using the net banking, then you would either need your bank account or the account of your relative.

Acquiring Duplicate PAN Card

Now when you are applying for a duplicate PAN card, then you need to furnish the supporting documents regarding your address and the identity proof. It is important that the name given in the identity proof and address has to match with the name given in the Permanent Address Number. 

In addition, if you want to modify any of the details of the permanent account number like the name or address, then the supporting documents have to be attached to the given form and you need to tick the required fields.

To apply for the duplicate PAN card, you need to go to the online website or the nearest TIN FC located nearby. After clicking on the link given in the website of the PAN card or after getting the form, then you must ensure that you avoid submitting the Form 49A. This Form 49A is used for getting the new permanent account number.

In the online website, there is an option ‘Corrections or changes in PAN number’. Clicking it you would get a form. You need to fill in this form. Along with the form, there would be various guidelines listed. You need to follow those guidelines and then click the ‘Submit’ option. 

Once the form is accepted, then with the stipulated days, you would get the duplicate PAN card at your doorstep.  


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