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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Documents Required for PAN CARD - List of Documents Need At the time of Application of PAN Card

In the recent years, our government has become more digital savvy. So, this means that various significant government functions are being carried online. 

Some months ago, the government had launched a website to to keep track of the attendance of the central government workers and to check whether they are coming to work on time. 

As most of the government services are being digitalized, it is necessary for individuals to be aware of what can be done online and how it can be done.

One such is the process of applying for the PAN card. Whether it is opening a new bank account, filling the IT returns, purchasing a car or shares or debentures and for all other transactions which are above Rs. 50,000, one would need a PAN card.

Applying for a PAN card is quite easy and you have the option to fill the form online. However, you do have to mail the required documents to the IT (Income Tax) PAN service firm in order to finalize the entire process. Once the form is filled on the website, and the papers are sent, the application will get processed and the PAN card would be shipped direct to the residential address.

There are even helpline email Id and numbers which would assist you in case you have doubts or issues while filling or submitting the application form.

Documents Required For PAN Card
Now the question is what are the supporting documents which you need to submit while applying for the PAN card. There are various type of documents that you would need to submit in order to get the PAN card. Identity proof, date of birth, address and the recent passport size photo has to be submitted while applying for a PAN card.

• Identity Proof
It is important to submit one copy of ID proof for applying a PAN card. Election card, aadhar card, passport, driving licence, arms license, ration card, pension card, any photo identity card which is issued by the State Government or Central Government or Public Sector undertaking, Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme or Central Government Health Service Scheme Card, are some of the ID proof you need to submit while applying for a PAN card.  

• Address Proof
Now along with the ID proof, you would even need to enclose the address proof along with the application. Documents such as aadhar card, passport, election card, passport of the spouse, latest property tax assessment order, post office passbook with the current address of the applicant, property registration, allotment letter of accommodation which is issued by the State or Central government, electricity bill, broadband or landline telephone bill, etc can be used as address proof.

•Date of Birth Record
For the proof of the date of birth, you must submit the copy of the birth certificate which is issued by the Muncipal authority or any of the authorized office who issue the death and birth certificate, marriage certificate, matriculation certificate, etc.

These list of documents can be either scanned and uploaded online or sent to the PAN application office by post.


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