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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

How to Get a {PAN Card} with Voter ID Card- Step by Step Procedure Guide to (Apply for PAN Card) with Election Card only

EPIC which is electors photo identity card that is also the same as our voter id and our aadhar card would be now enough for us to get a pan card which is Permanent Account Number . There would now be no cumbersome process that we used to follow. 

Everything would be covered smoothly. All lot of people have faced issues in the past regarding the same. The income tax department has scrapped those procedures and it has made it easy for the customers to get it now. Now one does not need to show numerous documents to get a pan card. Now, these documents would also be considered as a proof for one’s date of birth. 

Now, one does not have to produce several documents to prove his/her identity. CBDT which is central board of direct taxes has notified us with the changes. Till recently, they were not included for date of birth and were only required for one’s identity and address. So, from now, a single document would be enough for us all. One can use it as birth proof as well.  Both of them, which are voter id and the aadhar will now carry a unique identity. 

For a common man, an aadhar card and a voter id will do the trick. As aadhar card is something that has been the latest on the board, it has found itself always struggling with different issues and controversies. So, with this step government will also promote the idea of having an aadhar card and its importance too.  

The government is starting with a mission of bringin these three which are voter id, aadhar card and pan card on a same platform. And they are also trying to link all of their data bases so that there is no case of fraud and duplicacy as a lot of people have been doing that and have been taking the benefits that are provided by the government. 

By sharing the data bases, forgery will be reduced to a major extent. And it would help the government in working efficientlt and the government would be able to provide its customers with the benefits it is entitled to. The job of the middle men will soon get over. 

Recently police found around 30 aadhar cards, 15 voter id cards that were all fake.  For getting a pan card, one can apply online and offline and fill in all the details with any of the identity proof by paying the fees of Rs. 150. The fees has been kept low so that its affordable for people of every class and they are not deprived of the same. 


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