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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

How to Get a New Voter ID Card in State of Nagaland- Registration Guide and Procedure

Nagaland the land of tribes and Baptist is the 16th state of India. The tribes of Nagaland have also been provided with full rights and freedom to express their views by the government of India after Independence. Today even they can register for voter ID card online and vote during the elections. It defines their true identity and as a proof for various purposes. The details for enrolling the name in the list, changing of address, deletion of address or any other modification required are provided in the site. The site has been created to improve the communication and relationship among the government and the public of India.

Online procedure

The site is the election commission site for Nagaland.
The details of all the information related to the elections and methods of voting, polling stations are provided in the site.

  • You can get the form from the site for inclusion of new name.
  • The form 6 is the required form for adding new name in the voter list.
  • As you click the link form 6 will be received and you can save it in your system
  • You can then take the printout of the form and fill all the details
  • The steps to fill the form are also provided clearly in the site.
  • You must have original copy of birth certificate, address proof details, passport size photo and other prescribed documents during registration. In case of any doubts or false information the registration will be cancelled.
  • Then you can submit the form to the electoral office and your details will be recorded.
  • The officers from the office may do verification for ensuring the correct details.
  • After all the verification is done you will then be intimated to collect the voter id card from the office.

Importance of voter ID card

The voter ID card is also known as EPIC (Elector Photo Identity Card) and it is required to be carried during elections. Anyone who reaches the age of 18 must enrol their name in the list. The Voter ID card will be useful in many purposes when you buy tickets, travel in train or want passport. This will help you to show your true identity as it has the major identification such as your photo, finger prints, signature and address. This helps to prevent any sort of fraudulent or misuse during election.
The government of India and the CEO of Nagaland has proves their best by proving the service online. It the duty of every citizen to enrol their name in the voter’s list and vote during the election. It not only fulfils their rights but also helps to form better government and develop our country. As our country is highest populated country in the world the vote of every citizen can really create a strong and powerful government. The process of getting the voter ID card is also made so simple today that anyone can spend their time from anywhere. All the issues related to the EPIC card can be carried out online.


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