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Thursday, 16 July 2015

How to Verify Voter Card Online- Step by Step Process of Verification of Voter ID Card

How to verify voter id in india online. Need and process of verification of electoral card in india.

Voter ID card is one of the most important official government documents. On turning 18 every citizen of India should apply for a voter’s ID. This gives you a right to participate in electing the government that will govern India for the next 5 years. Voter’s ID card serves a number of purposes. It obviously enables a citizen to vote, besides that it can be used as an identification for any official government work. It has essential details of an individual that validate their age and name.

A few years back applying for a Voter’s ID card was quite a task. You had to stand in line, get a form, fill it, stand in line again to submit, so on and so forth. This process took a backseat when the government introduced an online system for registration of Voter’s ID card.

Now instead of going through the entire process manually you can do it digitally. The government has made it simple and easy to use. 

Process of Verification of Voter ID in India 

a)      Official Government Website : The first step is to log on to This website has all the details you need to know about applying for a Voter’s ID. It also provides a list of documents that will have to be submitted.

b)      Fill the Right Form: The next step is to look for the suitable form. Individuals applying for the first time, need to look for Form 6. This form has to be filled appropriately and submitted online along with the list of documents. These documents have to be scanned and passport photograph has to be attached to it.

c)       Submit Official Documents: You also have to send a hard copy of your official documents to the nearest electoral office.  Make sure to submit these documents in person, posting or couriering them might be a slightly troublesome for government officials. Your documents might even get misplaced.

d)      Verification Process: This process is quite elaborate. When you will the form and submit your documents, these docs are thoroughly checked. An electoral officer is then appointed to go to your house and verify your address. They check to see if the address provided by you is Valid. The officers also check with the neighbours and other members of your society.

Why the verification is Process so elaborate?

A number of Political parties stand against each other during elections. The aim of each party is to obviously gain a maximum number of votes. Over the years a few of these political parties began to cheat. They used an individual’s voting card more than once. The same voter ID card would be used at different booths. This illicit activity was caught after a few successful attempts. This made the government alert, which is why they enforced a strict protocol that had to be followed when verifying a Voter’s ID card.

After successfully completing all the above steps your registration process is complete. Your card will arrive at the given address within 3-6 weeks.

Please Note: There are still areas where online registration is not available. Kindly check with your nearest electoral office before proceeding with the online process.


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