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Saturday, 25 July 2015

How to Check Your Name In Voter List- Booth Wise Name Search In Voter List

Before starting the procedure for searching a name in booth wise voter list, I would like to throw some light upon “Elections”, because of which one will seek for such procedure.                       


An election is a legal and lawful decision-making activity which takes place within a nation, so as to choose a social representative which could take care of public offices, namely:
  •         Legislature
  •          Executive
  •          Judiciary
  •          Regional
  •          Local governmental bodies
  •           Private corporations

Elections are the central institution of democratic representative government. All democratic countries hold elections, but all elections, does not hold democracy. India being a democratic country has certain benchmarks of elections. Here, elections are competitive, periodic, inclusive and are definite in which the chief decision-makers in a government are selected by citizens of a nations.                                                                        

How one can enroll as a voter and get a voter ID card?

  •          Open the website of Election Commission of India.
  •          Sign-up with a fresh username and password (new user needs to make their account first).
  •          Upload a passport size colored photograph in the space provided within the form.
  •          Upload the other necessary details and go for submission.

Once the form is accepted, the applicant’s name will get included in the electoral roll and a voter id can be easily issued to an applicant by Election Commission of India.
Now, taking a situation when one could need to search for his/her name in Booth Wise Voter list or Electoral Roll, for reason if somebody’s voter id has been damaged, lost, stolen or misplaced.
For that, there are numerous ways which involves a set of few steps each, which are needed to be followed in order to search for a name in booth wise voter list.


There are number of ways to search a name within the electoral roll or   booth wise voter list. They are as follows:

v By Personal Details:
A person can check his/her name in booth wise voter list by the use of these personal details:
  1. Name(mandatory)
  2. Father’s Name
  3. Age/DOB
  4. Gender
  5. District/Constituency


By EPIC Number: EPIC Number is a unique number assigned to a person during the enrollment procedure. With  the following details, one can search his/her name within the booth wise voter list:
  1.             EPIC Number(mandatory)
  2.        State

Further, if a person’s name is present and if he/she does not have an Electoral Photo ID Card (EPIC), then there is no need to create a fuss as one can produce any of the valid photo identity card issued, by a valid authority as listed by the Election Commission of India. Example- Valid Student ID, Driving license etc.     
Moreover, a person can download the list of the polling candidates from the website of Election Commission Of India, where at first a user will come across the home page of the same, then after providing the asked details can help him/her to get access into the relevant information.


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