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Monday, 9 February 2015

How to get voter id in GOA- Election commission Of India Officials

In India elections are held every five years where the citizens decide the future of the country and in turn the future of the growing generation. 

We need to vote during election and every citizen who is above 18 years has the right the vote. In order to vote voter ID card or Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is very important.

Find Your Voter ID Card Here:-

Necessity of Voter ID card
Voter ID is the major identity of every citizen in India as it helps in various situations and various general purposes. As voter ID serves as an address proof along with your photo it is the most important thing for every individual. Anyone’s name above 18 years should be in the list and now-a-days the procedures are very easy as it can be generated from your own place.

Procedures to avail Voter ID online
The Chief Electoral Officer Goa is responsible for providing the facility of applying voter ID card online Goa. The steps and procedures are very user friendly and easy to follow.
Necessary Forms and Procedures Details
The online site you need to refer for accessing voters ID in Goa is As you go into the site you will find various forms required for various needs of voter’s ID such as new registration, for including names in the list, for rejecting names from the list, change in address etc. You can select appropriate forms required as per your needs such as Form 4 for new registration, Form 6 for including names in the list, Form 7 for rejecting a name from the list etc.
Based on your needs you can select the appropriate form and fill the details required. Give the correct address and date of birth details. The form has all the columns that are required to be filled accurately and promptly.

If the user is new and has never enrolled its name in the list then select “My name is not included in the enrolled list before” and select appropriate Assembly Constituency.
After you select the constituency you need to select the relatives already enrolled in the list. Once you find the correct relative and relation you will get their details appropriately.

If the family member’s name is not included in the list then their details must also be added correctly. The form will display the list of details by default which you need to select appropriately.
Fill all the mandatory details correctly and accurately.
Enter the residing address accurately and whether the applicant is residing since birth or not.
After the details are filled you can upload your photo and then all the details will be displayed along with your photo.
Print the form and send it to your nearest election commission office then section 2 of the form will be filled by the officers and posted back to the applicants address.
Note the application id while you create new registration as it can be used to check the status of your voter id.


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