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Monday, 9 February 2015

How to get a New Voter ID Card in Assam- Election Commission Of India Officials

The developing technology has made a remarkable service in all fields. The services provided are so convenient and easy to use. You can even register for Voter ID card online today. 

The government of the Assam state has created a website with all the facilities required for registering voter ID card and all other information required for elections.
The Chief Election Commission of India together with Chief Election Officer of Assam has managed to create the site with all the necessary facility and provide every common man opportunity to register themselves as a voter.

Find Your Voter ID Card Here:-

Ways to register
Generally the election commission officers visit every house and register every member of the family who are above 18 years in the electoral list. This is done normally once in five years. But many often miss this chance and they have to wait for another five long years to get their names in the list. This is the normal method to enrol in the list while now the other easy and simple method is available through online.
Steps to register for voter ID card in Assam
In order to register ones name in the election list you need to visit the official site The web page will be loaded.
There you will get options for downloading forms. When you select that you will displayed with list of forms for various purposes. Such as Form 6 for inclusion of new name, Form 7 for deletion and Form 8 for modifying.

For new registration you need to download the Form 6 and a pdf file will be downloaded.
Take the printout of the form and fill all the required details and submit it.
After you submit it you will receive a reference id number with which you can check the status of your card.
As you send the form the details will be maintained by the officers. Then the nearest BLO officer will visit the member’s address for verification. After proper verification is done you will then receive the voter id card at your specified address.
Criteria required for registering
Anyone above 18 years must enrol their name in the list.
The applicant should possess a permanent address in the state applying for it.
Anyone who changes the address within the same country must also update the information.
A person can enrol only once.
Other nation’s people working for our country can also apply for voter registration.
Importance of voter id
Voter id is very essential for every citizen in India as it serves as the address proof, permanent resident of the nation and gives the right to vote. Voting is the major responsibility of every Indian as it helps in forming a strong and reliable government. No one should miss the chance of voting and every one above 18 years must register in the electoral list. As the facility has become online now it is much easier to register and also to perform any modifications. Make the best use of the services provided by the government.


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