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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Voter ID Card [*Kerala State*]- Election Commision office

Voter id is very important for every citizen of India for various purposes. It gives you the right to vote which is very important to built a government and develop the nation. Every individual enrol their name to get the epic card. No one has time to stand in the queue and visit the office every now and then for getting the card. 

Many people stay in abroad and they can’t spend their time for these work which affects the growth of our nation. But today enrolling your name for new voter id, or updating your details, change of address everything is possible just by your small click and spending little time from your laptop.
Find Your Voter ID Card Here:-

The Election Commission Of India of Kerala is responsible for providing the election related facilities to the people of Kerala. The Election commission of India has the major responsibility of handling the polling list of every state along with all the polling booths, laws of election and much more. All the state and province follow the terms and conditions stated by the ECI. The information provided in the online is all under the control of ECI and the states follow them. All the services related to registration or change of voter id card is now available online in Kerala.

The citizens who do not have their individual voter id or migrated to Kerala recently can now easily apply online through the official web site
The site has all the options required to enrol for new voter id card. by selecting the e-registration option you will be promoted to page .html and there you need to provide your personal details like name, email id and mobile number.
After that a unique login id and password will be sent to your email id as a confirmation.
Using that id you can enter the site again and fill the form 6 for registration of new epic card.
You need to specify one of your family member’s Voter ID Card number and their relation with you in order to register for new card.
You will be moved to step by step procedures where different details will be asked to fill.
After all the steps are completed click the submit button and it will be soon updated.
After all the details are submitted the BLO officer will visit your place to ensure the details entered by the specific candidate is true up to the date.  When all the verification is complete you will later intimated to collect your voter id card from your nearest electoral office. Only the concern person will be given the voter card, no other person will be allowed to take the card.

All the details are provided in the site and you can search all the relevant details easily. You can check whether your name is enrolled in the list through the link You can even complaint any issues related to election and laws of election from the toll free number provided in the site.


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