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Sunday, 23 November 2014

How to Get New{* Voter ID Card*} in [*West Bengal* or Kolkata]- Government Offices And Information for Kolkata City

India being a most populated country vote is the most valuable asset of the nation. Each and every citizen is counted and their votes are very important. In order to vote a candidate must possess a voter id card which can now be easily got through online today.

As west Bengal is also a city with huge population votes of the people play a very major role in forming a stable and strong government.

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Registration Process of New Voter ID Card
According to the Election Commission of India a person should be above 18 years to vote. As everything is online today getting a Voter ID is also possible online today. In order to avail voter id card West Bengal go to site which is the official website of Election Commission.
Find Your Voter ID Card Here:-

If you are registering for first time then you should fill the form 6 available in the site. The form is available in the site in English language and also in the native Bengali language.
As you enter the site you need a unique login id and password to access the site. As you register you will receive a confirmation mail along with new login and password. Then you can enter the site with that id and password and fill the form 6 for new Voter Card registration.
Enter the exact and original details of your name and date of birth as many confusion arises with name due to translation of name form English to Bengali language and vice versa.
Keep your scanned passport size photo copy, address proof and age proof as it will be required to upload in the form.

For students they need to fill separate declarations forms signed by Principal or registrar.
If you already have a voter id in other state or country then you must fill the part 4 of the form 6 as it will delete the name from the existing voter id list.
After filling the entire details click submit. It will updated within few hours
Process of Getting Voter ID
After the successful submission of the form 6 the BLO will visit your place to verify the documents sent and other mandatory details.  During the verification all the details should be original and correct. Any mistake or absence of documents can become a blunder and may also cause rejection of the Voter ID Card.
As your card is registered you can also check the status of the card from the site with the help of application id. You can also sms to 9433633333 to know the status.
Correction/ Change details of Voter ID

If you want to do any changes in the details you can do it by filling the form 8 or form 8 A for change of address. Everything can be done at your place without the need of visiting the office and can save your time effectively. You can search whether the name is present in the voters list and all other verification you want to do through the online election service of West Bengal.


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