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Sunday, 21 September 2014

{*How to*} Register for A New [*Voter ID Card*] in India - State CEO

A complete guide to register for a voter identity card online and offline in India, State wise CEO list and Voter Registration details stated below-

Find Your Voter ID Card Here:-

Introduction and need of Voter ID card was back in 1993 elections time. The conventional procedure for the registration for voter card is applying online for it, which has become the latest fashion for applying for voter ID cards. Various workshops and campaign were conducted in 2012 in number of colleges in India to establish Voter ID card registration for the upcoming new voters’ teenagers who just turned 18 and classified as adults. Right to vote and other privileges, which is entitled to citizens of India with election card, motivated interested teenagers for registering themselves in order to attain a voter ID card and become an adult citizen of India.

Voter ID card - Online Offline Registration Explained 

Numerous people are there who are interested in voting or elections and simply want to live with getting a voter ID card that is their national identity proof. There numerous identity cards in India each having its own importance and value. For example, PAN card or Permanent Account Number Card provides the correct age proof of respective holders as well as permits people to register their tax return payments successfully. Another important card is Driving License, which provides significant facilities to its respective holder and provides its owner to validate its residence. The Aadhaar Card, which is classified as a biometric card is also introduced throughout the country, and is classified as one of the important cards in the country. Though Aadhaar is very important for a citizen of India, one cannot vote by means of this card (does not deal with the election and voting procedures) and is completely different from Voter ID card. A voter ID card provides you the right to settle anywhere in India without undergoing some circumstances of proving your identity or nationality.

Guide to Voter ID Card Registration Online 

According to the laws of the Constitution, Voter ID cards are provided by the orders of Election Commission of India (ECI). There are appointed delegates of ECI in most of the states in India. The crucial role is played by the booth level officers (BPOs) authenticating and reviewing the voter ID card. In case of queries or for any help regarding voter ID cards you can visit your nearest election Registration Officer to find out the solutions regarding verification and distribution procedures of voter ID cards.

In order to register and apply as new voter online, you should follow the steps given accordingly:    
  • Log on to ECI website. Select your state of residence or any other state for where you wish to apply and register for your Voter ID card. Students can register from their schools or colleges currently or from their residence. (Or CEO of Your State)
  • Get your login ID and password after successfully filling the form with your credentials, such as phone number, and email address.
  • Now log in to the website perfectly with your login ID and password given to you. Most probably, form 6 will be available.
  • Now finally download the complete form and submit it successfully.
Finally after successful completion and registration via online form completes the new Voter ID card registration. Now you can check Voter ID Status and your name in Voter list.


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