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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

How To Get a Duplicate [*Voter*] {*ID Card*} In India- CEO Officials

A complete procedure to apply for a Duplicate Voter Card if you lost your original Voter ID Card

Voter ID card is a very crucial thing, which determines the citizenship of our nation India and provides the power and discretion to newly developed fresher. Voter ID card not only functions to make you eligible for voting during elections but also makes you a registered adult citizen of India. It not just permits you to cast your vote but also makes your valid and perfect identity proof.  The voter ID cards are issue to the voters by Chief Election Commission officers as well as distributed booth level officers once the application procedure is successfully verified and completed. 
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Sometimes voters lose their Voter ID because of that voters are incapable of voting in elections. Solution to that is to receive a duplicate of the respective Voter card to exercise the franchise. You can receive the duplicate of your Voter ID card by submitting the respective duplicate voter ID card issuance form from the nearest office of election commission or one can download the form online from the respective site.

What is the procedure to obtain a Duplicate Election Card?

People lose their Voter Identity card mostly while travelling. Theft can also be the reason for voter ID card loss. Sometimes the voter ID cards are simply misplaced or get damaged accidentally. There is always a solution for this because in any case of voter ID card loses voters can get the duplicates of their respective cards. Below mentioned are few tasks that you need to accomplish if you are seeking a duplicate of your Voter ID card.

  •          FIR should be filed immediately once the voter ID card is lost.
  •          FIR copy should be kept safe for further proceedings.
  •          Form 002 for the issuance of the duplicate of the voter ID card should be collected.
  •          Form should be completely filled up in all required aspects.
  •          FIR copy should be attached with form.
  •          Attach with the form any of your documents that certify the proof for your identity (for ex: driving license, passport, etc).
Once the task is complete with all documents enclosed, submit the file to your regional chief election commission office. You will be provided with a receipt for receiving the documents. You can now check your duplicate Voter ID status online in the site and get to know about the expected time of the voter card delivery. You can also check your name in Voter List from here and can also do Voter ID verification from here.
You can apply online as well for duplicate Voter ID card. Log on to election commission website and fill up 002 form after downloading it and filling up with correct details. Attach FIR, proof of identification and other mandatory documents and submit it to the local election registration office. In many instances duplicate Election Card may not be issued in case if mandatory documents are not provided to the office of election commission, such as FIR copy, proof of identification, even NRI's who do not reside in India also get voter ID card. NRIs working in foreign companies are also entitled to vote and receive a Election Card.


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