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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Uses And Importance OF Form 49a - Guide to Fill and Submit the Form Correctly

Most of the time, we blindly follow the rules and regulations prescribed by the government. One such aspect is with Form 49a i.e. getting a PAN card. When the government passes a notion that it is necessary for individuals to have a PAN card, most of us simply apply for it without knowing about its usage and significance.

PAN which means Permanent Account Number is given by the IT (Income Tax) department. It is compulsory for all individuals who have to file income tax returns. Now if you are going to apply for PAN card through any income tax consultant, then there is nothing to worry about. He or she would provide you with the Form 49a and even the list of the documents that you would need to submit.

However, if you are a person who believes in doing things by yourself then it is another story. Of course, taking the services of a tax consultant is easy as all you have to do is fill the form, pay his or her fees and forget your worries. All the necessary work of submitting the documents, calculating the income returns and taxes will be done by him or her. However, at times doing certain things by yourself can be quite informative and would help you to understand more about why PAN card is required.

Applying For Form 49a or PAN Card

The following are the steps to be followed-

• Downloading and filling the form
The first thing to be done is to go to the official website of the UTI Investor Services Limited or the IT department or the NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited). From these websites, you can download the Form 49a application and fill it.

• Attaching the Photograph
You would need to attach the recent color photo of yours. It should be in stamp size (i.e. 3.5 cm x2.5)

• Additional Information
Sometimes you may need to mention some additional information. Information like the code and designation of the concerned AO (Assessing Officer) of the IT department have to be specified in the Form 49a. This information is quite easy to get and one can get it from the Income Tax PAN service site.

• Documents
There are various documents which have to be included as the proof of residence and identity. As the proof of identity, you must submit any one of the govtt. documents such as voter’s ID, passport, school leaving certificate, driving license, matriculation certificate, credit card information, depository account, matriculation certificate, etc.

Now for the proof of residence, you would need to submit a copy of the documents such as driving license, passport, certificate of address duly signed by gazetted officer or MP or MLA, rent receipt, Employer’s certificate, bank account, property tax assessment order, etc.

• Form Submission
Lastly, once all the documents are submitted and the required information is filled, the application has to be submitted. The IT PAN service authorities or the TIN facilitation centres would check it and you do have the application fee of Rs. 65 at the time of submission. Within the stipulated days, the PAN card would be sent to the address given in the form.

How to Get A Duplicate PAN Card - Step by Step Process for Application and Acquiring A lost PAN Card

PAN card is an important document for all kinds of financial and non-financial needs. Nowadays, it is not only necessary for all types of monetary transaction, but even it is considered as a significant identity proof. 

If you lose your PAN card, then there is no need to get tensed or restless, because you can get a duplicate PAN card from the Income Tax department. Basically, the procedure to get a duplicate PAN card is quite simple and easy.

To get a duplicate PAN card, you would need to fill in the correction form and submit it to the TIN facility center located in your locality or any other place. A TIN facility center is an approved PAN processing center of the NSDL and has got branches all over India. 

If you check online, you can get the list of various TIN FC which are located near your place. Even you have the option to fill the correction form in the online NDSL website. 

Acquiring New PAN Card

For acquiring a new PAN card, you need to fill the permanent account number in the form. However, if you don’t have the permanent account number, then you can easily get the number by simply entering either the previous acknowledgement number or you can type the name along with the combination of the date of birth. 

Also along with the form, you need to attach two recent passport size photo along with a fee of Rs. 96. You need to submit the form along the fee to the nearest TIN FC located nearby.

If you are applying online, then you would need to pay the processing fee online. It can be either paid through demand draft or cheque. If you are using the net banking, then you would either need your bank account or the account of your relative.

Acquiring Duplicate PAN Card

Now when you are applying for a duplicate PAN card, then you need to furnish the supporting documents regarding your address and the identity proof. It is important that the name given in the identity proof and address has to match with the name given in the Permanent Address Number. 

In addition, if you want to modify any of the details of the permanent account number like the name or address, then the supporting documents have to be attached to the given form and you need to tick the required fields.

To apply for the duplicate PAN card, you need to go to the online website or the nearest TIN FC located nearby. After clicking on the link given in the website of the PAN card or after getting the form, then you must ensure that you avoid submitting the Form 49A. This Form 49A is used for getting the new permanent account number.

In the online website, there is an option ‘Corrections or changes in PAN number’. Clicking it you would get a form. You need to fill in this form. Along with the form, there would be various guidelines listed. You need to follow those guidelines and then click the ‘Submit’ option. 

Once the form is accepted, then with the stipulated days, you would get the duplicate PAN card at your doorstep.  

Documents Required for PAN CARD - List of Documents Need At the time of Application of PAN Card

In the recent years, our government has become more digital savvy. So, this means that various significant government functions are being carried online. 

Some months ago, the government had launched a website to to keep track of the attendance of the central government workers and to check whether they are coming to work on time. 

As most of the government services are being digitalized, it is necessary for individuals to be aware of what can be done online and how it can be done.

One such is the process of applying for the PAN card. Whether it is opening a new bank account, filling the IT returns, purchasing a car or shares or debentures and for all other transactions which are above Rs. 50,000, one would need a PAN card.

Applying for a PAN card is quite easy and you have the option to fill the form online. However, you do have to mail the required documents to the IT (Income Tax) PAN service firm in order to finalize the entire process. Once the form is filled on the website, and the papers are sent, the application will get processed and the PAN card would be shipped direct to the residential address.

There are even helpline email Id and numbers which would assist you in case you have doubts or issues while filling or submitting the application form.

Documents Required For PAN Card
Now the question is what are the supporting documents which you need to submit while applying for the PAN card. There are various type of documents that you would need to submit in order to get the PAN card. Identity proof, date of birth, address and the recent passport size photo has to be submitted while applying for a PAN card.

• Identity Proof
It is important to submit one copy of ID proof for applying a PAN card. Election card, aadhar card, passport, driving licence, arms license, ration card, pension card, any photo identity card which is issued by the State Government or Central Government or Public Sector undertaking, Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme or Central Government Health Service Scheme Card, are some of the ID proof you need to submit while applying for a PAN card.  

• Address Proof
Now along with the ID proof, you would even need to enclose the address proof along with the application. Documents such as aadhar card, passport, election card, passport of the spouse, latest property tax assessment order, post office passbook with the current address of the applicant, property registration, allotment letter of accommodation which is issued by the State or Central government, electricity bill, broadband or landline telephone bill, etc can be used as address proof.

•Date of Birth Record
For the proof of the date of birth, you must submit the copy of the birth certificate which is issued by the Muncipal authority or any of the authorized office who issue the death and birth certificate, marriage certificate, matriculation certificate, etc.

These list of documents can be either scanned and uploaded online or sent to the PAN application office by post.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

How to Verify Your PAN CARD Online - Step by Step PAN CARD Verification Process

In today’s era, the PAN or permanent account number has grown of great importance and it plays a great part in various financial transactions. 

The IT (Income Tax) department provides the PAN card to individuals for the aim of identifying and relating various kinds of transactions and information related to an individual’s financial needs.

It is important that if your income is more than the required exemption limit, then you need to apply for the PAN before the so called deadline. 

Basically, any individual whose gross receipts or turnover is more than Rs. 5,00,000 and specified and charitable trusts have to apply for the PAN card before the end of the accounting year. Employers who are filing returns for the fringe benefits will have no time to set and apply the PAN card.

NEED and Importance of a PAN Card

Do you know that for the sale and purchase of immovable properties and assets which are more than Rs. 5,00,000 would need PAN card copy? Yes, the buyers and sellers, both would require furnishing their PAN card details and number at the time of the transaction. The PAN card number and details would be disclosed in the sale document.

The same is even for the purchase and sale of the motor vehicle. For the registration of the motor vehicle one would need the copy of the PAN card. This is not included for those vehicles which run on fixed rails or for special vehicles which are used in factories or other kind of enclosed premises. Even it includes for those vehicles which are less than four wheel and whose engine capacity is not more than 25cc.

Verification of PAN Card

Once the PAN number is enclosed in the financial documents, it is verified. This verification is done using the PAN verification facility. It is easy for any individual to verify the PAN. Such kind of facility is called as  ‘Know Your PAN’ or ‘PAN Verification’. This given facility can be easily accessed from Basically, this facility can be used for verifying the PAN card of PAN holders and non-PAN holders such as company, firm, etc.

For verifying the PAN card, one would need to provide the basic details related to PAN card holder like Date of Birth or Date of Incorporation of PAN holder, middle name, surname, and the first name of the PAN card holder. Once the details are provided in the system, the given verification code has to be entered on the screen. Then you need to submit the request by clicking on the Submit button. Now when the Submit button is clicked, the PAN verification request would be submitted.

Now if the details provided are correct and matches with the online database of the IT (Income Tax) department, then the Permanent Account Number which is linked to the given details would be shown along with the name as well as the jurisdiction of the PAN card holder.  Even the status of the PAN cards i.e. whether it is active or not would also be displayed. So, ahead and check out on how the PAN card is verified.

How to Check Status Of PAN CARD through UTI Site - UTI PAN CARD Status Guide

Do you know what PAN status is? Well, the PAN status is one of the major facility which can be used for checking the status of the PAN card online. This particular online facility can give information about the delivery status of the PAN card. Once applied for the PAN card, the applicant can easily check out the status of the PAN card. This so called PAN status is simply the delivery status of the hard copy of the given PAN card.

Who Checks the PAN CARD Status?

The PAN card applicant can easily check the status of the PAN card. At the time of applying, the PAN card applicant would have received the acknowledgement number. This acknowledgement number is nothing but a fifteen digit number which can be easily used for tracking the status of the PAN card from the online status portal.

When Should The PAN Card Status Be Checked?

The applicant must simply check the given status of the PAN card application within the five days from the date of receiving the fifteen digit acknowledgement number. Even after receiving the receipt or the ten digit number from the UTI generated coupon, you can check the status of the PAN card. 



What Is Required For Checking the PAN Card Status?

It is important to have the acknowledgement number for checking the status of the PAN card. This acknowledgement number is either received through the NSDL or the online portal or the coupon number, in case if you are just applying from the UTI.  Even you can check the status of the PAN card by using the name of the applicant and even the date of birth.

Why Do We Need a PAN Card?

The PAN card number is required for the following scenarios-

• Post Office Deposit
For any post office deposit which is more than Rs. 50,000 you would need to specify the PAN card number. Similar to the FDs of the bank, one would require the PAN card number for the Post Office deposits.

• Mutual Fund Investments
Just like the shares, one need to quote the PAN card number while investing in mutual funds. Without specifying the PAN card number, one cannot apply for mutual fund investments.

• Share Trading
In share trading, you do need to specify the PAN card number and details. These details of the PAN card has to be specified to the brokers as well as the Trading and Demat account providers. 

• Property Transaction
It is important to submit the details of the PAN card while you are doing the property transactions in India. While preparing the sales deed and even at the time of registering the property, the PAN card details of the seller as well as the buyer is needed, otherwise the transaction cannot be done.

• Vehicle Purchase
While purchasing any vehicle, you would be asked to furnish the details of the PAN card number. This is especially when you are buying an expensive automobile or car.

How to Submit a PAN CARD Application - Procedure to Verify Application And Check Application Status

The government of India has made it mandatory for individuals who come under the Tax paying schemes to have a PAN card. The PAN card is an identification number which is issued by the Income Tax department and this is a unique number for each individual. For any financial or non-financial transactions, one must issue his or her PAN card details

Procedures Involved in Getting a PAN Card

The following are the various procedures involved in getting a PAN card :

• Applying For The Form
You can get the copy of the form from the official website of the Income Tax department of the UTI Investor Services Limited. Even from the NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) agencies, one can get the PAN card application form.

• Colour Photographs
It is important to paste or attach the recent color photograph of yours along with the application. It should be a stamp size photo (3.5 cm x 2.5 cm)

• Additional Information
Besides the photo, you must even mention the code and designation of the AO (Assessing Officer) of the IT department in the application form (Form 49A). This form 49A can be acquired from the IT PAN services centers which are mentioned in the IT websites.

• Document To Be Submitted
There are two document which have to be submitted. One is the proof of identity and another one is the address proof. For the identity proof, you need to submit the following documents

ü  Voter’s ID
ü  Passport
ü  Driving License
ü  Credit Card details
ü  Bank Account
ü  Matriculation certificate
ü  Depository Account

For the address proof, the following documents have to be submitted
ü  Driving License
ü  Electricity Bill
ü  Passport
ü  Voter’s ID
ü  Telephone Bill
ü  Bank Account
ü  Ration Card
ü  Property Tax Assessment Order
ü  Rent Receipt

•Form Submission
Once the required details are filled and the application form is submitted, then the form need to be sent to the TIN facilitation centres and the IT PAN service centres. Along with the form, one must even sent a fee of Rs. 65. Within the stipulated time of submitting the PAN card, you would be getting the PAN card delivered to the address given by you in the form.

PAN Card Verification

There are two ways of verifying a PAN –

• Verification by PAN Number
Sometimes you would want to check whether a given PAN card detail is correct or not. Even you may have doubts about the name and jurisdiction given in the PAN card. In such cases, you can go to the IT or PAN card application website and click on the PAN Card Verification option given in the website. Within seconds, you would get the details of the PAN card, when you have filled the PAN number in the box.

• Verification by Using Name or Date of Birth
Another simple procedure to check out the validity of the PAN card is by filling in or providing the name or date of birth of the individual. Even you can provide the middle or surname of the father of the individual to get the details of the PAN card.

How to Apply for NSDL PAN Cards Online and Check Status Online

These days obtaining a PAN Card has become quite simpler. We can obtain the PAN Card in two ways, one of the way is to go the registered PAN card office in your nearby area (authorized office) and the other way is to submit the online application to NSDL with all the supporting documents like photograph, address proof, etc.
There is a list of registered offices, where the PAN Card application is accepted in case of physical application. (it can be easily check online)

NSDL – National Securities Depositary Limited

NSDL stands for National Securities Depository Limited. It is basically the first electronic securities depository of India.  NSDL has been appointed as unique identification authority of India. That is why, PAN Cards are issued via NSDL. NSDL accepts PAN Card Applications on the behalf of Income Tax Department Of India.For the convenience of people, government has started the facility of online application PAN card. Just by clicking few links PAN Card can be applied at the spur of the moment.

Application Process

To fill the online application, we need to fill form 49 A in order the get the allotment. After filling this form, the payment can be made via debit card or a credit card. Net banking services can also be used for filling the form. The payment is of INR 106. Apart from making the online payment we need to attach few supporting documents like proof of Identity, proof of address and proof of date of birth. Also, if Aadhar is mentioned on the application then a copy of Aadhar is also submitted.

We get an acknowledgement receipt on successful submission of online form along with the payment. This receipt has the transaction number as well as the acknowledgment number. The acknowledgment number is of fifteen digits. And this number can be used to track the status of the application.

Check PAN CARD Status

The status of the PAN Card can be checked very easily at this website-

You need to enter a few details like Name, acknowledgement number and Date of Birth. The fifteen digit acknowledge number is very crucial to track the status of the PAN Card. That is why, it is very crucial to preserve the receipt at the time filling the online form and making the payment. We can also SMS fifteen digit acknowledgement number to 57575. For example- ‘NSDLPAN15 digit ack. no.’ to 57575.Moreover, we can also send an email to
Additionally, we can contact the call center at (020) - 2721-8080. A fax can also be made at (020) - 2721-8081. The NSDL office is in Pune at-NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited, 5th Floor MantriSterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune-411 016; we can write our queries at this address.

Reaching PAN Card at Your Home

Normally, A PAN Card is dispatched within 15 days of submission of application, however, if there is an error it might take more than 25 days.